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Professional Services (more >)  
  <xmlLegal>'s professional services include information technology consulting; project management; business, functional, and data analysis; schema development; system and application integration; technical writing; quality assurance; and independent verification and validation services. We help clients automate their organizations.
Independent Verification & Validation (more >)  
  <xmlLegal> 's consultants have the technical and business expertise to ensure that an information technology project achieves maximum potential. Our experienced staff provides you an independent, objective, and professional opinion at every step in the process. Our IVAV services help to identify and address issues before they turn into challenging problems.
System Modeling & Design (more >)  
  <xmlLegal>'s system modeling, design, and integration services can help your enterprise maintain a competitive edge in today's market. <xmlLegal> has designed, developed, or participated in the creation of hundreds of XML schemas and DTDs over a ten year period. <xmlLegal> consultants are experts in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Oriented Architecture (WOA).
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